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Fashion Shows
 FW 2016 Men’s and Women’s

FW 2016 Men’s and Women’s

Lieu du défilé

For the 2016 Fall Winter Prada show, AMO takes inspiration from the traditional public stages and places of civic ceremonies.

Placed around the periphery of the room, a system of balconies and tribunes defines the central space. Similar, yet different they create an imbalanced symmetry. A raised viewing platform is inserted into the middle of the room, dominating the catwalk.

This assemblage of structures breaks through the building, expanding into the surrounding streets and urban domain. A new entrance, marked by a ceremonial gateway, creates an oneiric passage from street to show.

Guests gather on the balconies, tribunes and central platform in crowds according to a series of spatial hierarchies. No longer bystanders, they become active participants in the ritual unfolding around them.

The OSB wood cladding counters the simplicity of the structures. An irregular pattern of red and dark patches covers the surface, while dramatic lighting enhances its uneven texture.

The dark and enigmatic chiaroscuro atmosphere is enhanced by a theatrical use of lights.


A journey of sights and sounds amidst the inspirations of the Prada F/W 2016 Men's and Women's show.

Fashion Shows


The film that amplifies the experience of the F/W 2016 Men's and Women's show: inspirations, details and unusual perspectives of the event.

Fashion Shows