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Rethink Reality: Prada Candy

Rethink Reality: Prada Candy

Intrinsically linked to Prada’s DNA of curiosity, avant-garde and eccentricity, Prada Candy is an invitation to open new possibilities to play and question convention. A call to rethink reality with fragrances that defy expectations and embrace pure creativity. In a shocking pink overdose of luxury, Prada Candy reveals a unique facet of Prada femininity.

Candy, a new muse

In a world first, Prada introduces Candy, a virtual muse as the face of a fragrance. Born from a glitch, Candy is ethereal, driven by a continuous quest to question, connect and evolve. Inspired by the native world of TikTok, a series of shorts directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and captured by photographer Valentin Herfray see a physical fragrance, Prada Candy, encounter a virtual muse, Candy.

The fragrance

Blended by master perfumer Daniela Andrier, Prada Candy rethinks fragrance addiction and offers a free-spirited take on gourmand scents. Its unconventional olfactory balance combines a joyful and addictive caramel accord with noble and warm benzoin resin, which brings unprecedented sophistication and elegance, to creatively fuse with a silky and enveloping cloud of white musks.