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Special Projects

Yo Video!

Eight stories on the Prada F/W 2010 Yo-Yo Bag

Following Prada's tradition of promoting creativity in innovative ways, total freedom was given to eight film students, aged 18 to 29, to interpret the F/W 2010 Yo-Yo Bag in the form of a short film.

The result is a captivating and diverse mix of animation, narrative, and abstract short films, which reveal some of these young pioneers of moving image at the very outset of their careers.

Ranging from surreal, hauntingly beautiful, and humorous to the highly symbolic, the selection is a varied and vibrant introduction to Japan's most interesting new voices in film.

The eight filmmakers each approached the brief in radically different ways, playing with themes such as memory, elegance, individuality, playfulness and freedom in their visual interpretations of Prada's Yo-Yo Bag. Many films feature an original soundtrack.