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Special Projects

Prada Superstar

Prada and adidas Originals present the new chapter of their exclusive partnership, the reinterpretation of a classic that blends artisan crafting and innovation: the Prada Superstar sneakers.
Prada Adidas Superstar

Artisan crafting is the essence of the Prada Superstar sneaker made by Prada footwear manufacturers in Italy, combining the lexicon of luxury with the language of high-performance sportswear in a shoe with unique, innovative style.


Made in Italy by Prada, the new sneaker comes in three different colors: black, white and black, and chromed silver and white. The "Made in Italy" hot-stamped phrase, a distinctive sign of artisan crafting, and the double Prada and adidas Originals logo complete the design.


A journey between technology and tradition.
The partnership between Prada and adidas, which began with the launch of the Prada for adidas limited edition, combines the sports tradition of adidas and Prada's leather-working expertise.