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Special Projects
Possible Conversations

Possible Conversations

A series of talks at Prada Epicenter stores, in collaboration with Fondazione Prada

Echoing a belief in fashion’s inherent dialectical nature - the push and pull of inspiration from the realms of art and architecture, music, cinema and more - Prada Possible Conversations reflect the plurality and layered meaning of the Prada universe. Exploring culture, fashion and life, the speakers engage in conversations between people, but also between places, mindsets and values, in discussion that promise to be enlightening, engaging, perhaps revelatory.

The innovative ‘Epicenters’, crossing boundaries between cultural and retail spaces, aim to enrich the experience of Prada’s clientele. Designed by renown architects such as Rem Koolhaas and Herzog & de Meuron, they are full of innovation, freshness and excitement. The Prada Epicenters recognise consumers as human beings, transforming retail space into a lively environment that explores different interests and cultural activities, and is itself a work of architectural significance.

Possible Conversation #5

Dara Birnbaum, Tony Cokes, & Ming Wong
moderated by Stuart Comer & Michelle Kuo
Dara Birnbaum - Artist
Tony Cokes - Artist
Ming Wong - Artist
Stuart Comer - The Lonti Ebers Chief Curator of Media and Performance, MoMA
Michelle Kuo - The Marlene Hess Curator of Painting and Sculpture, MoMA

Possible Conversation #4

Thelma Golden and Theaster Gates
on “The Nature of Work”
Thelma Golden - Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem
Theaster Gates - Artist and Social Innovator

Possible Conversation #3

Patricia Marroquin Norby and Kate Orff
on “Shaping Water” 
Patricia Marroquin Norby - Associate Curator of Native American Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kate Orff - Founding Principal of SCAPE

Possible Conversation #2

Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin, Lindsey Wikstrom and Lucia Allais
on “Thinking Forests” 
Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin - Co-founders of Formafantasma
Lindsey Wikstrom - Founder of Mattaforma
Lucia Allais - Director of the Buell Center at Columbia University

Possible Conversation #1

Jodie Patterson, Ken Corbett and Raquel Willis
on "Shaping a New Discourse" 
Jodie Patterson - Chair of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and Writer
Ken Corbett - Psychologist and Writer
Raquel Willis - Award-winning Writer and Activist
Relive Possible Conversations' 2020 edition.