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Special Projects

Prada Linea Rossa Fall Winter 2019

A fusion of stylistic excellence and technological innovation, the new Prada Linea Rossa Fall Winter 2019 collection presents men's, women's and unisex garments and accessories in a wide variety of shapes, volumes and thicknesses.

Tied to the themes of the Fall/Winter 2019 runway collection, the new Linea Rossa collection is recolored in military tones of field green and battleship grey, underscoring uniform roots that have always inspired the range in complimentary styles for men and women.

Fabrics are advanced, forward-thinking - building on the foundations of the label, new construction methods and materials are introduced, expanding the Linea Rossa spectrum, extending the line.

Alongside an established wardrobe of tech-specific textiles - graphene and recycled polyester padding, Goretex Pro water-repellent microfiber, 'Tela Tecnica Pro’ and conductive and reactive fabrics to help regulate body temperature - knitwear is created using a seamless three-dimensional techno-knit, allowing maximum strength and comfort.

The technical specifications of fabrics are highlighted with a serial number on garment, indicating the weight of fabric - light, medium or heavy, emphasizing their suitability for specific activity, but engineered to daily needs.

Exploring the urban roots of Linea Rossa - the fusion of overground and underground, of different lives and experiences - Prada has collaborated with the musician and artist Willow Smith to stage a performance moment at a station along the Central Line on London’s Tube, the ‘Linea Rossa’ running through the capital.

Designed to make an everyday commute into an extraordinary experience, this moment was a celebration of the transient nature of our real life experiences, the spontaneous beauty of chance: the performance of our everyday.