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FW 2020 Man


Prada FW22 Menswear Campaign

For the Prada Fall/Winter 2022 menswear campaign, David Sims photographs a triptych of story-tellers, whose talents have helped shape twenty-first century cinema: Jeff Goldblum, Damson Idris and Rami Malek.
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These portraits offer fresh perspectives on these world-famous faces, framing themselves within a new narrative.

In juxtaposition with each of David Sims’ portraits, a series of still-life images - apparently paradoxical, capture objects infused with meaning for these actors, keys to uncovering hidden and private memories.
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Here, these actors play themselves - they expand the campaign to tell their own stories, express their personalities, recount their lives for the camera. In the same fashion as they take on a role, their own personae can become characters, reflecting scripts that are all their own.

Unexpected, even revelatory, these images unlock and celebrate the personalities behind this trio of individual and distinct characters. These story-tellers tell us the stories that dwell inside each of them.
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Talents: Jeff Goldblum, Damson Idris, Rami Malek
Photography: David Sims
Creative direction: Ferdinando Verderi