Special Projects

Prada Nylon Farm

Welcome to the Nylon Farm, the production site of Nylon, Prada's iconic material. After the special synthetic sheep are sheared, we arrive at the weaving process and creation of the finished product: everything is supervised by state-of-the-art/cutting-edge technologies and futuristic IT systems.

It may all seem perfect, but something in this place has gone beyond the normal production processes. A series of strange anomalies have interrupted the regularity of the Farm and required the launch of an investigation. Will following protocol be enough in this story?

Production Video

Discover how nylon, Prada's emblematic material, is made. The video illustrates accurate production processes – including meticulous artisan techniques and cutting-edge technologies – leading to the creation of Prada Nylon collections.

Valvigna Headquarters

The futuristic set serving as a background for the Nylon Farm story is not fictional.

It is the Prada Group industrial headquarters, located in  Valvigna, Tuscany.

A "garden-factory”, designed by architect Guido Canali, in balance between architecture and nature. A unique place, respecting the territory, the workers and where the attention to details  harmoniously blends with avant-garde technology.