Special Projects

Real Fantasies FW 2013

For the Real Fantasies FW2013 by AMO, Prada introduces a sophisticated domestic imagery. Characters perform in a world of distorted normality, a collection of everyday moments assembled together to form the film noir of commonness.

The main topics explored in the collection stem from raw elegance and banal emotion, weaving in multiple interconnected stories. Profound romanticism, stories of normal men, women, and life, are brought together as an animated puzzle of recognizable daily elements.

For the first time, the inspirations from both MAN and WOMAN shows overlap to shape a distorted graphic universe. Urbanity and a mysterious domestic ambience merge in a sequence of stories where simplicity is observed as the ultimate form of perfection.


Art Direction by AMO
Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Miguel Taborda, Lucia Venturini

Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas

Editing /Visual Effects by APRIL
Matteo Frittelli, Gabrio Bellotti

Music by 3o
Andrea Cassano, Alessandro Sicardi, Fabio Visocchi

Filming by APRIL
Matteo Frittelli, Gabrio Bellotti

Focus Puller by 4FRIENDS
Krishna Agazzi, Massimo Cecchini, Gaia Ferme