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Fashion Shows
SS 2008 Womenswear

SS 2008 Womenswear

Show Space


The catwalk is composed on the form of a cloverleaf. A trajectory convolutes in 3 circular movements. It is demarcated by rows of benches and encircles 3 islands: a sitting mastaba for fashionistas, a rotating screen deconstruction all images projected onto it and a crowd of paparazzi. Standing auditorium is placed on scaffolds outside of the construction sneaking into the world of fashion.

Credit: AMO/OMA


2x4 worked closely with Miuccia Prada developing special wallpaper with the artist James Jean. The inked drawings depict a lush, slightly scandalous, landscape of flowers and nymphs blending suggestions of Art Nouveau, Liberty, Aubrey Beardsley, and Hieronymus Bosch. The projections in the show space animate the fixed design of the wallpaper. By projecting the actual imaginary over the drawing then distorting and separating the various colour layers, the walls seem to breath throughout the show adding to the surreal effect of the design.

Credit: 2x4