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Special Projects
Prada Tropico

Prada Tropico

An original landscape inspired by the colours and atmospheres of striking distant lands expresses Prada’s key visual traits in the contemporary, ‘pop’ language defining the exclusive pop-up store series  Prada Tropico.

The setting gives way to an explosion of stylised tropical forest, with hundreds of Prada hats of various colours, models and materials growing like leaves and flowers on green metal trunks and branches. Defined by light, the space resonates with special energy: intense contrasting colour pairings and geometric patterns create graphic effects, juxtaposing vertical and horizontal lines and convergence and divergence in green, white, black, blue, red, yellow and orange.
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Coloured stripes feature define the special collection, giving a burst of energy to flowing silk women's ready-to-wear, distinctive terry-effect knitwear and casual men’s shirts and shorts. The same hues are repeated on the accessories: hats made of raffia – in several timeless styles – and nylon, and leather, Saffiano, raffia and hemp bags. The Prada Triangle bag makes its debut in a special raffia version.