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Special Projects
Prada Qixi 2022

Prada Qixi 2022

The precious, fleeting moment of an encounter is at the heart of Prada’s campaign for the Qixi Festival, along with an exclusive selection of men’s and women’s clothes and accessories.
The images, shot by Anders Edström, depict models Shuping Li and Liren Shih walking, deep in thought, against the backdrop of various evocative urban landscapes. The only hint of a connection between the pair is the golden gleam of a bag in which they search for something, like a sort of premonition of what will soon bring them together.
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Shuping Li

'Tap to discover'

As well as symbolising this unique moment, gold is also the key feature of Prada’s special selection for the Qixi Festival 2022. Timeless handbags for her are reinterpreted in pure gold, like Prada Re-Edition 2005, the timeless bucket bag enriched with an iridescent texture and the new Triangle clutch with an iconic shape.
Gold also illuminates the proposal for men’s bags and accessories, such as the clutch with essential geometry, key rings and belts. The men’s and women’s ready-to-wear offer proposes a wardrobe that combines occasion and casual, evening and day, unified.

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Models: Shuping Li e Liren Shih
Photography: Anders Edström