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Special Projects
Prada Hideaway

Prada Hideaway Harrods

A pop up designed by Martino Gamper for Prada

Prada Hideaway is a site-specific pop up for Prada at Harrods, London, conceived by renowned designer Martino Gamper. Using vertical and horizontal lines, the bespoke furniture defines and divides the space covering 90 square meters. Wooden patterns fold across the walls to become wooden landscapes with both intimate spaces and openings with views.
Martino Gamper

Martino Gamper

Image by Martino Gamper
Harrods storefront window displays have the texture of a wooden environment - a fragmented tree. Black and white cyclic moving images of branches, wood grain and growth rings contrast with the soft natural tones and tapered edges of the oblique shelves. This play between the foreground frame and backdrop creates interior movement and unusual perspectives highlighting a timeless, natural beauty.
The products’ offer reflect the idea of simplicity, the return to the quintessential quality and beauty of natural materials. 

In addition, Prada offers an exclusive personalization service for knitwear.
Custom-made worsted wool sweaters — including crew-necks, V-necks, cardigans and polo shirts — come in various colors and are decorated with the customer’s initials embroidered by hand. Duplicate stitch embroidery is used: an ancient technique done directly on the garment, exactly reproducing the weave and using the same yarn but in a contrasting color. Embroiderers with extensive experience accurately do the embroidery to make the garments unique and luxurious.

Concept images and video is a collaboration with Kajsa Ståhl from ÅBÄKE.
Prada London Harrods
Brompton Road, 87
London, UK

Monday/Saturday 11:00am - 07:00pm
Sunday 11:30am - 06:00pm