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Special Projects


To present the new chapter of Cloudbust sneakers, Prada chose three emerging photographers and three different cities - Seoul, New York and Moscow - with their strong identities and unique souls to shoot the unconventional design of Prada Cloudbust.

The photographers captured the city through their very personal perspective, developing three different stories based on real life: the open city, the intimate city, and the city after hours. The spirit of documentary-style street photography pervades each image, evoking Prada’s fashion sneaker revolution started in the 90s.


The open city, shot by Cho Gi Seok, features public areas and the most popular places of Seoul where a group of friends hangs out and meets. 

Here Cloudbust sneakers are seen as an asset for city dwelling through photos that are a mix of posed shots and reportages.


The intimate city is set in New York and captured by the honest, straightforward perspective of Sofia Malamute. It’s all about private but distinctly urban spaces like apartments, rooftops, bars, cafés, and cars, with a focus on the communal aspects of city life for young people. 

Cloudbust sneakers represent individuality found in a large city.


The stage of The city after hours is Moscow with its vibrant club scene. The pictures shot by Alexey Kiselev tell a story about urban nightlife and its exciting atmosphere.

The subjects are ghost-like figures amidst the street lamps and storefronts, and Cloudbust sneakers are the common thread of this group of young people and new friends.