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The Symbole

A new type of logo, a new concept of an emblem - the Prada Symbole handbag is inspired by Prada’s iconic Triangle. A triptych in its conception, the campaign starring Hunter Schafer is created by three of contemporary art’s modern masters: Catherine Opie, Thomas Ruff and Carrie Mae Weems, approaching the same subject matters in a series of divergent and distinct portraits. The campaign images become character studies composed of triangles, a graphic representation of the codes of Prada.


'Tap to discover'

Drawn from Prada’s heritage, in the Symbole handbag the iconic Triangle is reinvented for today into a luxurious jacquard. Geometric, modern, multi-faceted, it is a wordless assertion of Prada’s unmistakable persona. The Symbole couples this to a versatile tote, trimmed in Saffiano leather and proposed in a variety of sizes – a style as multi-faceted as its surface. The Triangle retains its century-old role as a stamp of approval, expressing the highest level of craftsmanship synonymous with Prada.

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Talent: Hunter Schafer
Artists: Catherine Opie, Thomas Ruff, Carrie Mae Weems
Creative Director: Ferdinando Verderi