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After the series launched in London in November 2021, Prada brings Prada Extends to Tokyo on July 21st 2022. This edition comprises a duo of events curated by British-born, Canadian-raised electronic musician and Prada collaborator Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman: a conversation and a celebration. The talk, staged at the Prada Miyashita Park store in the Shibuya district, is followed by a party at Terrada, a center for art and music, including one of the largest gallery complexes in Japan.
Richie Hawtin and Naohiro Ukawa

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The first event, staged in Prada Miyashita Park store in the Shibuya district of Tokyo consists of a talk on music and current topics between Richie Hawtin and Naohiro Ukawa, a multi-hyphenate talent behind behind the Tokyo-based digital live-streaming studio Dommune, a brand which exists at the intersection of live digital technology and Tokyo’s nightlife scene.


Prada Extends Tokyo is a celebration of Japanese culture, of music, of creative communities that connect figures around the world. The line-up of the event includes Richie Hawtin’s performance as well as a live show from South Korean producer, beat maker and artist Lionclad; Tokyo-based artist machìna; and the Japanese electronic musician and producer Yuri Urano.

Each talent is paired with a Japanese-based visual artist: bringing Richie Hawtin with Kaoru Tanaka/Performed by Manami Sakamoto; Lionclad with Ken-ichi Kawamura; machìna with Shohei Fujimoto; and Yuri Urano with Manami Sakamoto.
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