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SS 2021 Womenswear



View the conversation with Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons about their first collection

A view on the backstage by Daniel Arnold

Duality and plurality has always been inherent in the language of Prada: juxtaposing different elements, approaches and disciplines to find a paradoxical harmony in dichotomy. The physical environment of this virtual fashion show – conceived by OMA/AMO - is a personal, intimate space, tactile. Technology appears as chandeliers of monitors and cameras - decoration and use combined - animated in a dynamic ballet with figures that pass through. The soundtrack, composed for the show by Plastikman, British-Canadian electronic musician Richie Hawtin, includes the names of every woman modelling in the show: an entirely new cast who have never walked a runway show previously. For all of them, this marks a debut.

Enter the Prada Spring Summer 2021 Womenswear Showspace and live a 3D experience

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The Music

For the Spring Summer 2021 Womenswear collection, Prada explores thoughts on how technology influence intimacy and sensuality, inspiring Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman to use AI algorithms and create synthetic voices to inhabit the show's sonic landscape.