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National Geographic

Creative Works x Prada Re-Nylon

Prada Re-Nylon represents an ideology, a distinct approach through multiple channels of communication that reaches beyond conventional fashion confines. It feeds into the ongoing mission of the Prada Group – to educate, to ignite new dialogue and inspire fresh discussion, with a focus on social responsibility. As part of a continued commitment to education and culture, on the occasion of the new Prada Re-Nylon Collection and campaign, Prada reveals the second step of an ongoing storytelling and media collaboration with National Geographic Creative Works.
National Geographic Creativeworks X Prada Re-Nylon

Exploring the ocean of the world, National Geographic Creative Works has expanded on the short film series debuted in 2019. For this second installation, composed of three episodes, Prada and National Geographic Creative Works delve into the why of Prada Re-Nylon: the dangers facing some of the world’s most delicate ocean and aquatic ecosystems, and the ways we can create positive impact.


Content partner: National Geographic Creative Works

National Geographic Creativeworks X Prada Re-Nylon
The first, focusing on the Indo-Pacific region and the fertile islands of the Indian ocean, examines the devastating loss of coral reefs and the inspiring actions taken by local communities to combat their potential damaging effect.
The second, exploring the Arctic, highlights the issue of ocean warming discussing the repercussion that human life has on the environment in which we live, and the knowledge we can gain from indigenous communities.
The third episode features the Mediterranean ocean ecosystem and documents how human activity has given rise to invasive species with detrimental effects on its fishing communities, discovering how we can help mitigate the problem before it is too late.
National Geographic Creativeworks X Prada Re-Nylon
National Geographic Creativeworks X Prada Re-Nylon

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Discover the first phase of the collaboration with National Geographic Creative Works.

Prada Re-Nylon for

As of July 2023, 1% of the proceeds from the Prada Re-Nylon Collection supports SEA BEYOND, the educational program launched in 2019 by Prada Group and UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). A project in line with the Group’s passionate societal concerns and the value it has always afforded to education and culture, SEA BEYOND has raised global awareness on sustainability and ocean literacy principles, educating young generations around the world.

UNESCO does not endorse any product, service, brand or company.

National Geographic Creativeworks X Prada Re-Nylon

Prada Re-Nylon

Learn how the Re-Nylon Collection
was created and Prada's commitment
to support the SEA BEYOND program.