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Prada Raw

Prada Raw

Introducing Prada Raw Spring/Summer 2015, the women’s eyewear collection made from selected natural woods.

The glasses of the new Prada Raw eyewear collection are the fruit of an unprecedented combination of contemporary design and brand new materials: black walnut and Malabar ebony, two precious types of wood.

The natural irregularity of the wood’s veining turns each pair of glasses into a unique creation, the utmost expression of masterly craftsmanship.

The new Prada Raw collection will be available exclusively at Prada stores Milan Galleria, Paris Faubourg St. Honoré, London Old Bond Street and New York Fifth Avenue starting from the 27th of March.

For the launch of the new collection, the stores will feature a customised window display  – created by Martino Gamper in collaboration with Prada – characterised by an evolutionary design and a special arrangement dedicated to the new glasses.