Prada SS 2015

Prada SS 2015

A walking girl, an elegant observer, a woman intrigued by the world around her. Six digital heroines narrated via the drawings of six illustrators for Prada SS15 Special Project, the virtual catwalk starring the new Prada SS15 eyewear collection.


Blair Breiteinstein

Responding to the all wood-construction of the Prada SS15, Breitenstein fashioned her illustration style to these 1970s-styled glasses by playing off of the back-to-nature aspects of this particular line.

Carly Kuhn

Kuhn’s work shows her responding to this notion of a spotted turtle design, and the paint speckled-colored temples of the glasses, which give the eyewear its own aura as an objet d’art. They are almost camouflaged works of art if transported back to nature.

Judith Van De Hoek

Judith Van Den Hoek’s interpretation was rooted in the blackness of the frames, and the illusion that an unassuming hand can add; playfully juxtaposed next to these Prada SS15 designs.

Megan Hess

Megan Hess’s first instinct was to capture the boldness of the Prada SS15 designs—in this case, the black frames, steel bridge and top bar—in my magnetic black and white sketch work treatment. These frames sing the body electric.

Vida Vega

Ladies and Gentlemen, these Prada SS15 glasses are floating in space. Watercolors and black and gray tones, in particular, helped Vida Vega re-imagine the timeless beauty of these original designs.

Wong Ping

It wasn’t hard to incorporate the natural hues of the Prada SS15 line into Wong Ping’s vibrant world of bold colors and super-imposed reality; reinforcing, once again, this notion that you gotta wear shades.