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Special Projects
Coming Home

Coming Home

Coming Home

The journey to come back home and stay with the family lies at the heart of the Lunar New Year. Prada captures Chinese top model Chun Jin and her real family members in a documentary film, recording a traditional reunion to celebrate one of the most important holidays.

During the trip, childhood memories arise and materialize through the eyes of Chun Jin: the physical journey itself is a way to underline the importance of sharing unforgettable moments and gifts with the beloved ones.

At home, life is full of joy. The Prada Lunar New Year collection items properly chosen for each one become objects of unspoken love, by expressing emotion through the subtle ways favoured by the model’s culture.

The iconic Prada triangle logo is reinterpreted in red on a selection of items, perfect in its timelessness for these eternal moments. The Lunar New Year capsule collection offers exclusive ready-to-wear, bags, footwear and accessories for men’s and women’s available in selected Prada stores worldwide as well as on starting January 2020.


Cast – Chun Jin and her family members
Director – Sam Sun

Photographer – Luo Yang
Creative director – Ferdinando Verderi