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Special Projects
Prada Outdoor - Coast

Prada Outdoor


Reminiscent of the carefree atmosphere of the beach, Prada Outdoor Coast is part of a series of pop-up shops and in-store installations inspired by nature in its myriad forms.
Prada Outdoor Coast 01

For Her

Prada Outdoor Coast 02

For Him

The setting presents a fun-filled beach complete with sand dunes, rocks, and white and ocean-blue tents and sunshades. A place where people can relax in the sun, go snorkeling, or sip a drink at sunset on the beach bar’s terrace. Amidst beach huts, surfboards and lookout towers, an exclusive collection for men and women takes shape, all connected to the theme of Coast. Listen to the dedicated playlist and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Prada Outdoor Coast.
Terry garments with a ’50s inspired look and Re-Nylon Gabardine beachwear combine with drill and striped poplin designs, crocheted styles, precious embroideries and contrasting prints. Accessories showcase a vibrant range of materials: bags in multicolor drill, straw, wicker and soft terry pair up with printed scarves and wooden jewelry with silver charms. Surfboards and skateboards complete the selection, alongside balls, inflatable mattresses, beach towels and cushions, as well as lunch sets with sandwich boxes and water bottles.

Past locations
NEW YORK BROADWAY: June 4 - June 21, 2021
LOS ANGELES BEVERLY HILLS: June 14 - July 12, 2021
MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT: June 24 - July 12, 2021
HONOLULU ALA MOANA: August 10 - September 18, 2021