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Prada Extends

The second iteration of ‘The Sound of Prada’ musical program at The Tanks in the Tate Modern.

25 november 2021

An intimate invite-only live music project curated by British-born, Canadian-raised electronic musician and Prada collaborator Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman.
Prada Extends is a series of global live events focused on local artists, consisting of four DJs and four visual artists, who are challenged to create physical intersections in which people, ideas, and aesthetics connect, extending Prada’s identity into new territories that in turn respond and inform.
Prada Extends

'Tap to discover'

The event brings together a diverse selection of emerging talent, celebrating the creative cultures of the selected city. The series launched at The Tanks at Tate Modern in London pairing Hawtin with Joelle Snaith; HAAi with Hanzo; OK Williams with L’Aubaine; Overmono with Rebel Overlay. 

Guests who attended the event involved luminaries from the fields of music, fashion, design, and collectives, such as AJ Tracey, Ama Lou, CKTRL, Connie Constance, Harris Dickinson, Jonah Hauer-King, Joy Crookes, Lancey Foux, Mia Regan, Mimi Xu, Ncuti Gatwa, Pa Salieu, Richard Riakphore, Romeo Beckham and Sam Smith and Zawe Ashton. 

This same event format will be expanded in 2022.