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Special projects

Real Fantasies SS 2011


Changes in the cultural realm are dependent on the obstacles and parameters of real time; still, fashion is one of the most quickly reinventing art forms. The nature of the world wide web is that changes are performed continuously and in real time.

A period like the baroque evolved from the struggles artists and creators had among themselves, society and the yet unknown. The world wide web contains a similar redundancy in its infinite space, redundancy is its nature.

The ninth edition of Prada Real Fantasies is nurtured by the richness of the baroque and uses the tools of the computer and Internet – animation, distribution – to express and mediate these elements. Many reflected on Spring Summer 2011 by saying fashion is back with colors after the dark days of the economic crisis. The richness of nature and its artificial transformation into architecture and art - creatures eternalized in marble and ornamental patterns, mythical creatures - celebrates this episode.



Production: AMO / Rem Koolhaas Alexander Reichert
Artwork: AMO / Fausto Fantinuoli
Photography: Phil Meech

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