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Fashion Shows

Reclaimed Space

As an inversion of the traditional catwalk configuration, AMO conceives a set built around the perimeter of the audience, which is seated on an irregularly shaped central island. The audience faces a “reclaimed space”: a vaguely industrial yet semi-abandoned environment, populated by few manifestations of domestic everyday life. Models weave through this set, exploring and re-inhabiting an undefined large interior.

A continuous series of images is projected on the walls; they combine idyllic settings and industrial devices into a mysterious and abstract panorama, expanding the show space into a post-romantic imagery.

The stage and the island are built in wood. The floor is a patterned combination of burnt wood planks and industrial metal sheets. Furniture is built in wood, metal and plexiglas in combination with paper textures, while curtains are in blue and grey velvet.

Credit: AMO