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SS 2020 Menswear

SS 2020 Menswear

Illuminated Vista

For the 2020 Spring/Summer Prada Menswear show, AMO devised a light installation that amplifies the industrial monumentality and rawness of the Silo Hall of Minsheng Wharf.

The colossal and labyrinthine quality of the chamber is augmented with a linear catwalk slicing through the longitudinal axis of the space. Guests are arranged in the central nave of the building in an amphitheater of circular seats that dramatically mirror the shape of the silos above.

An arrangement of neon lights outlines the industrial form language of the hall, enhancing the intricate geometries, generating a glowing enfilade that shimmers in subtle pastel colors. Models walk along a path that expands as far as the eye can see, almost disappearing in the immense architecture of light.

One of the Asia’s largest Silo – a former storage for wheat and grain – the 80,000-ton silo warehouse of Minsheng Wharf is a powerful reminder of industrial heritage, an unintentional monument. 

Mindful of its history, at intervals, the installation of the 2020 Spring/Summer Prada Men’s show and events is disrupted by reminders of roughness and industry, embedded in the fabric of the building. These retain the original character of the building, the echoes of a past.

After the show, the guests are invited to the 7th floor of the Silo where an ephemeral venue hosts an exclusive dinner and several music acts and installations. Intended for a one-night-only take-over, the space is organized around different performances that take place on multiple stages and informally throughout the event space.  

A lounge bar surrounded by continuous booths in black and acid green eco-leather that run along the perimeter hosts the dinner and an array of musical and theatrical acts before the opening of the club. A dramatic black lacquer 100% recyclable curtain wraps around the venue where a series of neon lights outline the shapes of the room, a reflection of the motif of the showspace below. 

Location set up concept by OMA/AMO

Event Entertainment

After the 2020 Spring/Summer Prada Menswear fashion show and evolving over the course of the evening of 6 June 2019, guests encounter a programme of specially-curated audio and visual performances, comprising dance, music, light and sound installations, occupying seven distinct environments.

Themes of duality, shared identity and reflection unite the disparate and distinct performance pieces, interrupting and disrupting the venue and gradually guiding the audience through in an exploration of the unique, immersive spaces. These ephemeral chambers have been specially-created on the 6th and 7th floor of the Silo, entirely mapped with a panorama of light by UVA, for one night only.

The soundscape for each performance piece is curated by Craig Richards, who also performs a back-to-back DJ set with the highly acclaimed Ben UFO in a specially-designed club space as conclusion to the evening.

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