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Rethinking Beauty

Reimagining existing definitions and expectations, Prada proposes a free-thinking, avant-garde vision of beauty activated by tech and creativity. Prada Beauty opens new perspectives and possibilities of self-reinvention that is timeless, yet always evolving.
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Prada rethinks skincare through the lens of adaptation as the new performance. Built on the purpose of helping skin adapt as fast as the environment changes, the skincare range provides instant and over-time care. 

Prada's makeup rethinks self-reinvention as the new self-expression. An invitation to explore all the shades of you, the collection covering eyes and lips offers maximal expression with minimal effort from versatile fashion-curated colors and smart textures.
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The Collections

Prada introduces two emblematic lines that reimagine beauty categories into two gestures. Realized in tandem, the respective skincare and makeup collections reconcile minimalism and maximalism; sophistication and playfulness; simplicity and versatility, drawing from heritage and technology for formulas and packaging that bring luxury and responsibility into harmonious conversation.

From eco-designed packaging to the skin-conscious formulas within, the new collections showcases precisely engineered architectural forms, intentional color composites, and essential materials.
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The Campaign

Six unique faces – each chosen for their singular force – bring Prada Beauty’s avant-garde vision and offering to life. 

Coding, omnipresent throughout the campaign, represents the cutting-edge technological innovation behind every product. Light, inspired by the key benefit inherent in every Prada Beauty product, is exalted through the photographic inversion of shadows to create luminous halos around Prada's people and products. The Prada Triangle and Prada Green are reinterpreted through a hyper-tech approach, which sees the triangle crafted from coding and light.
Photographer: Tim Elkaim
Director of Photography: Benoit Delhomme
3D Studio: Tomorrow Bureau