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SS 2015 Menswear

SS 2015 Menswear


For the Prada Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 show , AMO designs a large water environment. In between a cave, a cruise ship, and an indoor pool, the set up questions the relationship between outdoor and indoor: water invades the space, redefining the existing elements, changing proportions, reflecting unexpected point of views, augmenting the show.

Based on a concentric organization, the room develops around the central water surface: a regular series of brown carpet covered steps runs along the perimeter, while a thin line of technical lights marks the perfectly white walls as a horizon.

Models walk on catwalk stretching concentrically through the blue water surface. Before taking place orderly around the pool, the audience reaches the show space after climbing over steps and having a privileged overview of the new water environment.

Credit: AMO