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"A Symbol of Unity and Inspiration"

Artiwara Kongmalai

Wednesday October 21st, at 3.00pm

A fresh community embodies the true meaning of unison and harmony. An act of unity - working towards the same goal, walking in the same direction and aiming at the same destination. With inspiration and endless positivity, each small step can create changes beyond expectation. Small steps that form a perfect essence of unity. A wholesome place where all becomes one, initiated by a driven man with the support from the community. How can one life inspire a million others? The talent who sings will now share his own stories and inspiration through his noble mission.

Artiwara Kongmalai

In recent years he has become recognized as a heroic figure, a man who ran across Thailand raising money for hospitals that care for the poor, under his charity run called “Kao Kon La Kao”. His routes covered every region of Thailand, from Bangkok to the under-developed Northeast, to the conflict-affected Deep South. The run generated an avalanche of stories of kindness, unity, and generosity. Newspaper front pages gave daily updates on his progress, with photos of large crowds greeting him with scenes of jubilation and  outpouring contributions.

His charity run has managed to attract more than 1.1 billion in donations, which is extremely phenomenon.

His act did not gain only attention but it is also about unity of Thai people inspired by his good example. He has brought the whole nation together to donate, to help and care for one another and inspire us all to be the role model for this and next generation.
Each Prada Possible Conversation will also result in a donation from Prada to UNESCO, whose work during the COVID-19 pandemic focuses on the importance of culture, creativity, and education for over 1.5 billion students worldwide affected by school and university closure, as well as on a programme to increase international cooperation in science. Supporting their initiatives across the globe, this is a further demonstration of the vital exchange between fashion and society.