Special Projects

Prada Foulard and Scarves Collection

Pure Prada. A collection of silk-twill foulards and scarves create a new wardrobe of Prada prints, drawing on emblematic patterns and approaches from the Prada archive and current seasons, rediscovering and reworking them afresh. They are used to create timeless accessories - definitive accents to a look, across original themes: ‘DOUBLE MATCH’ boldly combines signature yet contrasting Prada prints: icons, approached iconoclastically; ‘FANTASY’ proposes fantastical illustrations of the impossible - a surreal world of the feminine and the floral depicted by James Jean and Jeanne Detallante, the wild reveries of Prada;

‘PITTORESQUE’ showcases hand-drawn picture-postcard views of significant cities around the world - Milan to London, Moscow to Beijing, a wide-ranging global journey in brilliant hues. In an amusing video, Leaf Greener, Julia Sarr-Jamois and Stella Von Senger interpret Prada foulards in their personal style, wearing them creatively with irony and femininity.

Double Match