Prada Cinéma Evolution

Inspired by the oneiric power of film, Prada Cinéma Evolution lets dreams flow with a surprising and amusing projection of personal memories.  A TV commercial, an unexpected sound, a reflection in a mirror, and a birthday cake are moments that emerge and entwine in the very personal film about a young woman on a sunny summer day.

The sunglasses and eyewear of the new Prada Cinéma collection are the stars of the story, a narrative device triggering a playful dichotomy between perspective and perception, subject and object and leaving the viewer to ponder the question: "Are you the observer or the observed?"

The Prada Cinéma eyewear collection takes center stage with an unusual combination of contemporary aesthetics and sophisticated femininity.

The oversized frame fronts are emphasized by a shining metal element, while the temples preserve the flat design of the iconic collection.