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Cinematic Portraits

The new Prada advertising campaign for the 2024 Chinese New Year celebrates the start of the Year of the Dragon, a wise and powerful animal that in the Chinese zodiac symbolises prosperity and good fortune and which, according to an ancient myth, gave rise to the Chinese nation.
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The campaign’s images, imbued with a deep colour palette and inspired by arthouse cinema, capture the festivities’ characteristic joy and optimism. The result is a series of touching portraits – taken in a cinematic atmosphere – starring Du Juan, supermodel and actress, and Zhao Lei, the face of Yang Fudong’s film First Spring, currently on show at the Pradasphere II exhibition in Shanghai.
Chinese New Year 2024
Set in the historic Prada Rong Zhai residence, the project brings together two of the most highly acclaimed young talents from the contemporary Chinese cultural scene: fashion and art photographer Leslie Zhang and musician and producer LinFeng, whose music draws inspiration from the celebratory beats of traditional Chinese instruments.
Chinese New Year 2024
Chinese New Year 2024
Chinese New Year 2024


Talents: Du Juan, Zhao Lei

Creative Director: David James

Director and Photographer: Leslie Zhang

Music Composer: Linfeng

Still Life Photographer: Adrien Dubost