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Fashion Shows

Wall as a Regenerative Narrative

The audience is split along the two sides of an abstract wall. Seven doors are opened into the wall at regular intervals allowing spectators to look from one side to the other.

Models walk in front of the wall and turn around it through its last opening. Alternatively they appear and disappear behind its surface, or walk in front of the audience.

The wall divides two spaces that are identical and different at the same time: the plexiglass checkerboard floor on one side relates to the other side, where black metal sheets tiles create a bigger checkerboard in combination with the plain concrete of the original room.

The wall regenerates its identity through a sequence of twelve projections. 

These are images of imaginary corridors. The actual doors of the wall become doors of mental spaces that combine grand hotels’ rich and classic door frames, acid neon lights, trash and abandoned atmospheres, or bright images of crowded beaches. The result is a sequence of indefinable settings that follow one another along the show, framing models into constantly changing backgrounds. 

As the show develops, spectators experience the various layers of the setup: foreground models, wall projections, and back ground models. Three layers of content which overlap and generate the full narrative of the show. 

Credit: OMA/AMO