Waist Down

Waist Down is an ongoing exhibition featuring Prada’s most outstanding examples of skirts from 1988 to the present. The exhibition was conceived by Prada and AMO as a unique traveling event that evolved with each relocation. The inaugural exhibition in 2004 was staged in the Prada Tokyo Epicenter. The second stop was the famous Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

In 2006, the exhibition shifted to the New York Epicenter in SoHo, then to the Los Angeles Epicenter. And the final iteration was the inaugural installation at the Prada Transformer in Seoul. Each evolution is interpretative and site-specific, blending existing activities and features of the venue as well as the culture of the host city.

Waist down Tokyo. November 13, 2004 - January 2005. Prada Epicenter Tokyo

Waist down Shanghai. May 18 - 31, 2005. Peace Hotel, Shanghai

Waist down NY. April 19 - May 31,  2006. Prada Epicenter New York

Waist down LA. July 14 - August 27, 2006. Prada Epicenter Los Angeles

Waist down Seoul. April 14, - June 07, 2009. Prada Transformer