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Prada Extends Miami

Prada Extends

After the series launched in London in November 2021 and following the second edition in Tokyo in July 2022, Prada brings "Prada Extends" to Faena Forum, Miami on December 1, 2022. For the third installment of this intimate, invite-only music project, Prada Extends Miami, in collaboration with Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, emphasizes the innovative and avant-garde energy of the city’s vibrant Latin community, and their pioneering adoption and championing of new music genres.
Coinciding with Miami Art Basel 2022, Prada Extends Miami epitomizes a constant, fundamental exchange between creative universes with Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman: A Prada collaborator who has devised the Prada Extends project in 2021. Prada Extends Miami is staged in Faena Forum, a 43,000-square-foot space devised by Alan Faena and OMA. In the energetic landscape of Miami, the multifaceted and ever-transforming space is a modern echo of the ancient civic and architectural concept of the forum, a place to bring together people to engage and debate.
Hawtin has curated a line-up to reflect the powerful link Miami has always represented between the Latin community and electronic music, selecting a broad range of electronic-influenced artists. The line-up includes Richie Hawtin himself, producer and DJ Ela Minus, 22-year-old Buenos Aires-born rapper Sofia Gabanna, and Slim Soledad, a DJ and multidisciplinary artist from São Paulo, also known as a member of queer collective Chernobyl. Their evocative music is fused with visual arts from an array of diverse talents: the digital artist and creative coder Paola Olea; Argentinian artist Marcelo Armenariz aka Lolo Armdz; Luciano Toledo aka T.O.L.C.H.; and the Orlando-based interactive experience designer and audiovisual artist Ginger Leigh, aka SYNTHESTRUCT.