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Fashion Shows

A Secret Passage or Love for the Void


The linear catwalk is hidden between one edge of the existing room and a new seven meter high wall. From the entrance the dark space looks completely empty.

The void is preserved.

Only a slot of intense light reveals the linear show space behind the wall, accessible to the selected audience through a small opening, similarly to a secret passage.

The wall appears as a strange, black border. It marks a net transition between the empty space of the room and the moment of the show. It is a time gate to the fashion experience.

The catwalk is visible from the main room through a narrow slot in the wall. It frames the view of the fashion show.


The imaginary of modern black and white movies informs the treatment of the show space. Multiple tones of grays appear on all surfaces, as the catwalk experience would be floating into the blurred memory of a movie.

The floor is a grid of black and gray (fume’) resin tiles, which also orders the seating arrangement.

The seven meter high walls are covered by wallpapers with conversations between male film characters. Each dialogue is framed in between the structural arches, and it is written on a light grey background.

Models enter the room, walking out of the characters’ conversations.

They weave around the landscape of seated audience, surrounded by the sounds of contemporary day life.

Credit: AMO