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Special Projects
Cass x Prada

Cass x Prada

A fresh talent reflecting new horizons and showcasing different perspectives. In 2022, Prada collaborated with the artist Cassius Hirst to imagine the Prada America’s Cup sneaker anew, through a customized capsule collection of four styles, in 22 variables.


The four Cass x Prada sneaker styles draw their names from the world of music. ATT4CK, D3CAY, SUST4IN, REL3ASE are all named after the 'envelope' or life of a sound, the stages of its evolution, reflecting this new evolution of the America's Cup sneaker. All styles are hand-worked in Italy by Prada in a meshing of traditional craft and cutting-edge imagination – wholly unique, no two pairs exactly alike, with signature labels each with a distinct CASS signature.
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"Att4ck" designs combine resin and spontaneous 3D effect with neon spray paint, resulting in the hard-edged, molded spikes for a crackled effect.

The campaign

A surreal performance invading a pristine space, the campaign by Axel Morin showcases the Cass x Prada sneaker styles and custom-made, one-of-a-kind masks – each character simultaneously anonymous, yet unique. The soundtrack to the campaign film features music specially created by Cass.
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About Cassius

Cassius Hirst began using sneakers as a blank canvas for painting in 2018. Since then, the son of British contemporary artist Damien Hirst has developed his own creative outlet, using the classic Nike Air Force 1 sneaker as his canvas. In May 2019, Virgil Abloh sold his shoes at the ‘Church & State’ pop-up at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago. His spray-painted designs have a cult following, with A$AP Rocky, Samuel Ross of A-COLD-Wall* and 24KGoldn all counted as fans of his work. Cass lives and works in London.