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Special Projects
Prada Pop Jewels

Prada Pop Jewels

The Prada Spring/Summer 2018 collection evokes generations of graphic artists, implementing existing prints in original ways. From this creative experiment with pattern and commodity, a jewelry collection is born: icons of Prada’s identity are miniaturized and made to mix and match. Motifs are transformed into delicate tokens strung on silver chains, or hung from embroidered tweed. Studded enamel spheres stack, separating the representational from the abstract. Each combination of charm, bead, print, and paillette is a personalized, wearable treasure chest of Prada’s enduring codes – simplified in Plexiglas and other classic Prada materials. 

Prada Pop Jewels consist of Spring/Summer 2018’s comic characters and original charms iconic of Prada’s heritage. A set of creatures makes their introduction here, too: brand new characters, born from the codes consistently seen in Prada products.

The enamel animals echo Prada’s jolie laide essence, the next movement in a growing collection of absurdist figures that include Saffiano leather robots and Prada-clad teddy bears. Here, the evolution continues. From inspiration, to art, to pattern, to memento: the end result is an undeniable object of desire. 

The Prada Pop Jewels collection comprises charms and earrings made to amass and assemble. The combinations are endless. Pick and choose the perfect mix of Prada emblems: individual treasures that stack to form an entirely unique work of (Pop) art.