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Fashion Shows
FW 2022 Womenswear and Menswear

FW 2022 Womenswear and Menswear

Prada presents the Fall/Winter 2022 women’s and men’s collections by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons in a single fashion show at the Prince Jun’s Mansion in Beijing.

Conceived alongside one another, the collections are unified in their fascination with and reflection of humanity, a celebration of life and living - a fundamental principle of Prada.

The Cast

The cast of this reinterpretation of the Prada Fall/Winter 2022 shows features eight renowned Chinese actors, including Prada Ambassador Chunxia alongside Bai YuFan, Guo KeYu, Huang Jue, Huang MiYi, Liao Fan, Rayza, Kara Wai. Supermodels Du Juan, Jin DaChuan, Ju XiaoWen, Cici Xiang and Zhao Lei also appear.

The Collection

Pragmatic pieces are given new emphasis and significance, tailoring and perceived uniforms of employ combined with the language of evening clothes. For all genders, elegance becomes a means of celebration, of imparting significance. The body is given emphasis through traditional tailoring, a silhouette then transmuted to everyday garments, the two disciplines not only juxtaposed but brought together as one. Sartorial construction methods are applied to knitwear and bomber jackets for men, to soft dresses for women, to afford new forms.
Elementally Prada, an eccentricity of surface is combined with spare silhouettes. Juxtapositions are made both between garments, and within their construction, combining materializations and decoration. Referent to Prada’s own heritage, geometrics are translated to jacquard knits, embroideries and colors echoed, memories of collections evoked.

The Showspace

The Prada Fall/Winter 2022 show is held at Beijing’s Prince Jun’s Mansion, originally built in 1648, and staged within a site-specific scenography conceived by AMO for the Yin An Palace, situated in the center of Prince Jun’s Mansion. A visual continuity is expressed throughout via lighting elements that reinterpret traditional Chinese lanterns, creating atmospheric spaces. Bright ceilings and vertical partitions of three-dimensional triangular modules cast a warm ambience of soft pink light, emphasized by reflections in the ponds of the palace grounds. In contrast with crafted lighting elements, floor and the seating areas are covered with treadplate metal sheets, a mirroring surface to amplify light and color.