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Fashion Shows
FW 2015 Womenswear

FW 2015 Womenswear

The Infinite Palace

For the Prada FW 2015 Women’s fashion show, AMO disguises the existing room into a classic enfilade of rooms, gradually changing proportions as in an abstract mannerist perspective. As opposed to a single stage, the new sequence of spaces multiplies and fragments the show into a series of intimate moments.

The progression through the connected rooms simulates endless repetitions and symmetries, while providing the illusion of an infinite palace. As the models move linearly across the enfilade the audience, divided into small groups, are pushed to close and intimate proximity with the collection. A large space in the end of the enfilade unifies the two parallel rows of doors.

The tridimensional excavation of the space is alternatively painted in subtle tones of green and pink. In this disorientating landscape aluminum geometric inserts in the ground mark the sequence of spaces.

Credit: AMO