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Holiday 2021 Campaign

Holiday 2021

A Midwinter’s Night Dream

Captured in a winter scene as they quest across a frozen terrain - revealed as Los Angeles, fantastically engulfed in snow - Julia Garner, Shira Haas, Louis Partridge e Taylor Russell move towards a joyous gathering wearing a collection designed for celebration.

Fusing together film and fashion, this short movie is based on an original story and script by cult screenwriter and director Mary Harron, and is directed by Glen Luchford - a talent who has worked with Prada from the 1990s through to today. In a further crossover between creative realms, the campaign’s imagery is drawn from film stills - presented as bold cinematic panoramas, each captures an enigmatic moment.
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Holiday 2021

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Holiday 2021

Prada Holiday 2021

'Tap to discover'

Stories of voyages are constantly told through cinema’s rich history: here, they are brought to life with cutting-edge 21st-century technology. ‘A Midwinter’s Night Dream’ utilises the Volume, a virtual effects tool originally engineered for 'The Mandalorian' - an immersive experience composed of a curved cocoon of glowing LED screen

Fashion and moviemaking unite in their wish to convey a story, one that brings people together in shared experiences. The Prada Holiday 2021 campaign is a celebration: of cinema, of fashion, of community, and of dreaming.


Photography and Film: Glen Luchford
Creative Direction: Ferdinando Verderi
Talent: Julia Garner, Shira Haas, Louis Partridge, Taylor Russell