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Fashion Shows
Fall Winter 2016 Womenswear

FW 2016 Womenswear

Show Space

For the 2016 Fall Winter Prada show, AMO takes inspiration from the traditional public stages and places of civic ceremonies.

Placed around the periphery of the room, a system of balconies and tribunes defines the central space. A raised viewing platform is inserted into the middle of the room.

Guests gather on the balconies, tribunes and central platform in crowds according to a series of spatial hierarchies. No longer bystanders, they become active participants in the ritual unfolding around them.

Theatrical lighting enhances the uneven texture of the OSB wood cladding, contributing to the dark and enigmatic chiaroscuro atmosphere.


In anticipation of the S/S 17 Women’s Show, Prada presented Premonition, a series of short films that explore the intersection of life and cinema. 

Fashion Shows


The 2016 Fall / Winter Women Chronicle relives the oneiric atmosphere of Prada’s most recent fashion show.

Models wander in the dim light between dream and reality, tracing a metaphysical journey.
Reflections multiply the space, deconstructing the architecture, which appears as a silhouette in the background.

The film aims to re-imagine the relationship between architecture and fashion. Chronicle is a project by AMO in collaboration with APRIL.

Fashion Shows