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Prada Classics

Making hand crafted luxury since 1913 with an innovative and accomplished design philosophy. Prada also create experiences: Prada Classic - a singular mode of invention running through Prada’s global projects that unite fashion, design, art, cinema and architecture in the production of new realities.

Prada Classic #1

THE DOUBLE CLUB, also known as The Congo Club in London is one such project. A daring collaboration with artist Carsten Höller. It tests the power of art in the realm of entertainment, engaging the public in a remarkable nightclub and restaurant experience. A Prada moment.

Prada Classic #2

The PRADA TRANSFORMER in Seoul is a manifesto of this idea. The uniquely changing Pavilion is a vigorous collaboration between Rem Koolhaas/ OMA-AMO and Prada. By flipping it over, the structure accomodates multiple events - fashion, art and cinema - producing the best suited shape. Audiences engage in an evolving experience that creates a fertile exchange between cultural

June 26, 2009:
A Prada moment.


Prada Classic #3

From the filmic imagination of Wes Anderson to the history of Italian cinema, it is an extension of the cinematic scope of the Prada universe. 

Castello Cavalcanti is Prada Classic # 3

Prada Classic #4

Prada: A cosmos on its own composed of heavenly bodies set in a complex orbit. A universe of contradictions and endless elaborations — noble causes and base temptations — where idealism meets vanity, intelligence meets passion, fashion meets fiction.

Welcome to the Pradasphere, Prada Classic # 4.

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