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FW 2022 Woman


Prada FW22 Womenswear Campaign

Histories, memories, stories. Prada has always been fascinated by humanity, reflecting the depth of human experience through fashion and image, drawing inspiration from life, from living.

The Fall Winter 2022 Prada campaign celebrates individuals and individuality, showcasing a proudly cross-generational casting of women, expanded to convey their stories.
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Photographed by David Sims, the campaign is framed around actor Hunter Schafer. Schafer stars, alongside models Loli Bahia, Sora Choi, Kendall Jenner, Liya Kebede, Amanda Murphy, Kai Newman and Lina Zhang in a series of direct, arresting and precise portraits, a multifaceted representation of Prada women - all of whom featured in the Fall/Winter 2022 Prada runway show by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons.
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For Prada, the importance lies within these women - in their personalities, histories and identities, their unique lived experience. Each portrait is paired with a still-life that, initially, appears enigmatic, abstract. In a twist, these womens’ stories elucidate the meaning behind each image. The campaign images are a door into these stories, the audience is encouraged to experience these recounted memories and emotions, to enter a conversation with each of the women. To not only see them, but to hear them.
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Talent: Hunter Schafer
Models: Sora Choi, Kendall Jenner, Kai Newman, Lina Zhang.
Loli Bahia, Amanda Murphy, Liya Kebede to be revealed as the season progresses
Photography: David Sims
Creative Direction: Ferdinando Verderi