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Prada Timecapsule Drop 36

Prada Timecapsule #36

For 24 hours only

Prada presents the new Timecapsule NFT Collection. Each drop is linked to both a limited edition physical product and a gifted NFT.

For drop #36, Prada Timecapsule presents a limited-edition sweater that combines fine materials and iconic motifs related to the holiday season reinterpreted with a modern twist. Characterized by a minimal version of the typical Scottish Fair Isle pattern in jacquard, the merino wool design is enhanced by a textured effect that recalls the delicate falling of snowflakes.
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Prada Crypted

Prada Crypted is the NFT area on Prada.com and the brand’s new community server on Discord, a place to exchange ideas and inspire one another while connecting the universe of fashion with the worlds of art, architecture, cinema, music, Web3 and more.


More About Timecapsule

Launched for the first time on December 5, 2019 in Europe, Prada Timecapsule presents a new item on the first Thursday of every month, an online exclusive for just 24 hours.

A special logo created by OMA, the architectural studio founded by Rem Koolhaas, together with a serial number and sophisticated dedicated packaging, makes each drop unique.

The project will expand to include other markets during 2022.

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