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Special Projects

Minimal Baroque


Minimal-Baroque is not just a collection but also an actual structured project divided into several phases. To underscore the uniqueness and creativity of the collection Prada gives an account of eyewear through the work of three illustrators. Ivo Bisignano, Marcela Gutierrez and Andrea Tarella gives an interpretation through their personal visions and according to their methods of illustration: from watercolours to pastels and acrylics. The typical techniques of the illustrators are a good representation of the style idiom of this eyewear. 

In the second phase Prada launches the FROM DRAWINGS TO PICTURES project. In collaboration with Vogue Talents, the annual supplement of Vogue Italia dedicated to new talent in fashion, Prada selects eight talents from the world of photography and asks them to interpret the Minimal-Baroque styles in a pop-comic manner.

The results are a range of still life images that vary from staged shots created with different chromatic palettes to those that capture ad hoc arrangements or even scenes form nature featuring works of Federica Di Giovanni, Kuba Dabrowski, Ciraudo_Majola, Mattia Buffoli, Rosi Di Stefano, Tassili Calatroni, Tatiana Uzlova and Tomás Nogueira.

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Marcela Gutierrez
Andrea Tarella
Ivo Bisignano