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Fashion Shows / Women

FW 2018 Womenswear



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The Prada Fall/Winter 2018 Womenswear show takes place in the nearly finished tower, the building which marks the completion of the OMA-designed Fondazione Prada complex in Milan. A new architectural landmark, the tower offers a unique view on the skyline of the city.

The set by AMO consists of a simple geometric layout with tribunes oriented north towards central Milan, establishing a sophisticated spectacle and dialogue between fashion, architecture and the city. The sharp volumes of the show spaces are accentuated by a black resin finish that magically shimmers in the light and mimics the nocturnal panorama outside.

Besides shaping the interior spaces, AMO worked on a delicate design for the view from the tower as well. The outlook onto the Scalo di Porta Romana and the city beyond is enriched with striking PRADA neon signs enhancing the post-industrial character of the area. The physical manifestation of the event in the customized cityscape reaffirms the relationship between Prada and the city of its origin.


Credit: AMO


Milan Take-Over

For the Womenswear FW 2018 fashion show, Prada – in collaboration with the mysterious cyber model Lil Miquela -- took over Milan in the real and digital world, covering the city with #PradaFW18 billboards and posters and social platforms with #PradaGifs made especially for the occasion.