Prada Fully equipped Re-Nylon picnic backpack 1

Fully equipped Re-Nylon picnic backpack

SGD 5,300
Color: Black

the picnic backpack with a multi-accessorized design is made of nylon, a fabric first introduced in the luxury world by Prada and part of the brand's genetic code. Decorated with the iconic enameled metal triangle logo, the accessory includes two stainless steel sandwich boxes, two sets of cutlery, two 500 ml water bottles, and linen napkins.

  • Product code: 2UP008_2DMI_F0002_V_OOO
  • Zipper closure
  • Two stainless steel sandwich boxes
  • Two sets of cutlery
  • Two 500ml water bottles
  • Two linen napkins
  • Enameled metal triangle logo
  • Height: 33cm
  • Length: 16cm
  • Width: 39cm