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The Postman Dreams

Prada presents The Postman Dreams, a humorous series of five shorts starring the Prada Galleria bag by Autumn de Wilde – one of America’s most imaginative filmmakers.

Cinema has become a playground for exploring comedy and obsession. This new short form format, which allows the five films to be discovered as a series and enjoyed in any order, is a new paradigm for Prada films.

We enter into a spectacular new reality where any sense of time and place is blurred, and fantasy and reality have become unstuck. The postman is a metaphor for personal communication in an e-mail world, and The Blasting Company - a Los Angeles nouveau-gypsy band started by brothers Justin and Josh Petrojvic - plays a strategic role and builds a refined and unexpected atmosphere, evoking community and displacement. The music adds to the surreal sense of multiple times and genres, all playfully moulded in de Wilde’s skilfully crafted art.

the postman

It begins with a humble Postman.
 An ordinary man who slips into his extraordinary dreams whenever he gets the chance. The hum-drum fades away as he ushers a parade of colorful characters and wild places to our doorstep.


the makeout

The Prada Sound bag is a metaphor for desire, an interloper in a coy staircase love-chase where it’s unclear if the object is our female protagonist, or her supple handbag.


the battlefield

The Prada Galleria is the set of an imaginary battle, a figment of a childhood fantasy that involved de Wilde slicing it clean in two. The exceptional inner workings of the bag are revealed, rarely seen except by the artisans who create them, as the bag becomes a theatre set for childlike obsession.


the tree

The eponymous tree’s magical branches bear apple-red Prada Gallerias – ready to be plucked by a passing motorcyclist on a custom Prada motorbike. A fantasy world of humour and elegance convey an untraditional sense of luxury.


the laundromat

An overdose of candy-coloured Formica, an elegant striptease by a middle-aged pin up, played by Ellen Jamison. De Wilde is not afraid to saturate our senses. The Prada Galleria is the silent star, its presence driving the narrative, its iconic looks impossible to ignore.


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