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365 Pre-Fall 2017 Woman


For the latest facet of 365 showcasing the Pre-Fall 2017 collection, award-winning actor Jessica Chastain is the protagonist of a Prada campaign for the second time. In Parallels, the narrative is new: scenes are captured inside and out of a Modernist home - a resolutely real space, the photographs imbued with an intensity and intimacy. Yet Chastain’s presence, her own persona, causes us to question the images - are these portraits of Chastain, or a character? Is she playing a role, or playing herself? Reality here runs parallel to fantasy.
Photographed by Willy Vanderperre with a cinematic quality, Chastain’s eyes never meet ours. She is absorbed in her own world, her own reality, at a remove. Multiple images, like different fragments of the same scene, are juxtaposed, and can pretend to be film stills. But is it documentary, or a work of fiction? The questions hang, unanswered.
Just as Jessica Chastain finds reality in her characters, in her parallel identities, so we search for the reality in these images. We find it. The gestures are genuine, and the emotion is real.


Photography and film  by Willy Vanderperre

Featuring: Jessica Chastain

Music by Apparat



In the intimacy and familiarity of a domestic setting, a series of ambiguous yet genuine encounters are captured between the new faces of Prada Pre-Fall 2017 - Selena Forrest, Kris Grikaite and Nina Gulien.
Encounters, the third instalment of 365, reinterprets the Pre-Fall 2017 away from the runway. Instead, the models are captured at home - not theirs, not ours, but some home, a vision of privacy and intimacy with truth at its core.
The vista of each image is uninterrupted, like a window into a scene; viewer as voyeur of an unfolding narrative. A representation of absolute normality, in which these models are caught off-guard, captured in half-motion by photographer Willy Vanderperre.
Reality, normality and honesty. A truth in each encounter - a real portrait of Prada, and this seasons’ Prada women.


Photography and film by Willy Vanderperre

Featuring: Kris Grikaite, Nina Gulien, Selena Forrest  

Music by Proem


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